Form L-3 is required to be filed at the end of the year or if a business terminates during the year. Form L-3 is due on or before January 31st or on or before the 30th day after the date on which the final payment of wages was made.

Form R-91001 and copies of any Form 1099-NEC filed with the IRS for services provided in Louisiana or for services performed by an individual residing in Louisiana at the time the services were performed are required to be filed at the end of the year. Form R-91001 is due on or before February 28th.

Requirements for LaWage

  • You must have an LDR 10- digit account number in order to set up a LaWage login.

    Employers who wish to file on their own behalf, MUST register with their LDR 10-digit account number. Payroll Services filing on behalf of multiple companies MUST use FEIN to register for LaWage.

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