Online Composite Partnership Payments


Browser Requirements

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LDR User Account

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General Instructions


Instructions for individual fields and sections are available by clicking on the help icon help icon throughout the filing process.


Collections of related data are sometimes presented in grids to aid readability. To edit an item from a grid, click on the edit icon edit icon. To delete an item from a grid, click on the delete icon delete icon.

Entering Dates

Date fields are displayed with a calendar icon to the right of the field as shown below:

Collapsed date picker consists of a label followed by a textfield and a calendar icon.

Clicking on the calendar icon will display a calendar with which you may choose a date. (Dates may also be entered by directly typing the date in the field.) To select a specfic month, click on the heading displaying the month and year; the calendar will then display all months within the year. To select a specific year, click on the heading displaying the year; the calendar will then display all years within the corresponding decade. To navigate between months, years or decades use the arrow buttons on either side of the appropriate heading.

Expanded date picker. Calendar showing current month displays under textfield. Expanded date picker after clicking on current month heading.  Calendar displays all months within the current year. Expanded date picker after clicking on current year heading.  Calendar displays all years within the current decade.


If you wish to request a state extension please file an Extension Request


If you wish to make a payment without filing a return, please use the Online Payment System