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Important! For information on the changes to the 2016 individual income tax, see

The Louisiana Department of Revenue (LDR) issued guidance for taxpayers, in the form of Revenue Information Bulletins (RIB) and new worksheets, for tax legislation recently passed during the 2015 Regular Legislative Session.

LDR released worksheets to assist with the legislative changes under Acts 109, 125 and 133 for filing 2014 or prior tax years. The worksheets are:

The worksheets must be attached to tax returns. Taxpayers will have the ability to upload documents including these worksheets before submitting your return. If taxpayers do not attach the worksheets to their tax returns, LDR will assume that the adjustments under Acts 109, 125 or 133 have not been made and will reduce the credits as required by the new legislation.

New Users for Online Filing

  • In order to use the Online Tax Filing application, you must have already filed a return with the state of Louisiana for the 2004 tax year or later OR you must have a current Louisiana Driver’s License or ID card issued by the LA Dept of Motor Vehicles.

  • You must create a user account to access the Online Filing application. The user account can also be used to check the status of your return or refund and make electronic payments. Click here to create your user account.

  • Nonresident Professional Athletes (NRPA) who have never filed a return with the state of Louisiana before need to create a user account to access the NRPA return. Click here to create your user account.

Note: If you are a tax preparer filing on the behalf of a client, you must create a separate user account for each client. Each user account is intended for use by a single tax filer. Please use your client’s information when you are creating the user account.

Existing Users

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