Uploading Extension Requests

*Important Notice*
For tax years beginning on or after January 1, 2022, Act 410 of the 2022 Regular Legislative Session changed how an extension is granted. If you know you cannot file your return by the due date, you do not need to file for an extension. You will automatically be granted an extension of six months except for Corporation Income & Franchise Tax. No paper or electronic extension form needs to be filed to obtain the automatic extension. For more information see “Requesting an Extension of Time for Filing a Return” on the webpages for Individual Income Tax, Corporation Income & Franchise Tax, Partnership Tax, and Fiduciary Income Tax.

Requirements for Uploading Extension Requests

  • Your firm must have a LDR account number or an Electronic Filing Identification Number (EFIN) registered with LDR.
  • You must create a user account to upload your extension requests. You only need one user account created for your firm. Click here to create a user account.

Instructions for Creating an Upload File

Failure to follow the instructions will result in rejected extension request.

All Tax Types

  • Files must be comma delimited with an extension of “.csv”. You can create the file in MS Excel, MS Notepad, or Google Docs. Click Here to view how to save as csv formatted file.
  • Do not use commas within data fields, this will throw off the column count during processing.
  • Do not qualify text by enclosing it between single or double quotes.
  • Only one tax filer is allowed per line.
  • Your upload file can range from one tax filer to several hundred. There is no maximum.
  • Optional fields may be omitted, but the commas must remain. (i.e. 123456789,First,Last,,,Street,,,City,State,PostalCode,)

Corporation Income & Franchise Tax, Composite Partnership Tax, and Fiduciary Income Tax

upload files require the LDR account number.

The Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN) number cannot be used to file for an extension.

  • A sample files are available for download:
  • The record format for a single tax filer is as follows (all fields are required unless otherwise stated):
    • LDR account number (10-digits, no dashes)
    • Filing Period
      • format: 2-digit month / 4 digit year filing period (i.e. 03/20XX)
      • The default filing month for calendar filers is December/Current Year (i.e. 12/2013).
    • Company Name
    • Street Address Line 1
    • Street Address Line 2- optional
    • Street Address Line 3- optional
    • City
    • State
    • Postal Code
    • Country- optional
Existing Users

To access the Bulk Extension Filing application, please log in:

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